PI037: Microaggressions: Analyzing the Racial Impact of Interpersonal Interactions within Schools.

Friday, February 21, 2014 9:00 AM–9:45 AM


Micro-aggressions can cause damage between educators and students as well as among educators themselves. Minimization, color-blindness, stereotypical assumptions, and cultural insensitivity are some of the manifestations of micro-aggressions. These unanalyzed, racist acts can seem benign to the educator initiating the statement, but these comments can demean the receiver and severely harm the relationship that can lead to further marginalization of impacted communities. Roundtable participants will be able to better identify, analyze and disrupt micro-aggressions.


Adan Luevano, San Francisco Unfied School District, San Francisco, CA; Sang H. Kil, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA