SY049: Meta-analyses of Interventions Targeting Ethnic-Racial Disparities across Three Dimensions

Friday, February 21, 2014 11:00 AM–12:20 PM


This symposium focuses on three areas of educational disparities with particular importance to research and practice within School Psychology: academic achievement, the discipline gap, and education of English Learners (ELs). Three meta-analyses were conducted to examine effective interventions within these domains. Symposium participants will be exposed to background knowledge, relevant research and information about educational disparities. Additionally, participants will gain insights into effective interventions for use with students from Ethnic and Racial Minority (ERM) backgrounds.


Patrice Leverett, MEd, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Madison, WI; Stephanie D'costa, Wisconsin Center for Education Research, Madison, WI; Erika M. Vivyan, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI; Jocelyn Kuhn, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI; Stephanie K. Borjas, UW - Madison, Madison, WI; Stephanie Olarte-Dasilva, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI