MS048: Ugly Truths about Your Data: What to Do about Them

Friday, February 21, 2014 4:00 PM–5:50 PM


The increasing frequency of using data to determine if schooling is effective has required educators to collect more data. This mini-skills workshop will feature three evidence-based practices, packaged in an accessible format that can be used in staff development or routine practice, that have proven effective in improving the quality and usefulness of data. Each of the strategies are free, easily reproducible, and validated. Data quality, as presented here, can be fun and entertaining.


W A. Coulter, Human Development Center, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA; Jane N. Luster, Human Development Center, LSUSHC, Baton Rouge, LA; Holly Paczak, Human Development Center, LSUHSC, New Orleans, LA; Jennifer Koehler, Human Development Center, LSUHSC, New Orleans, LA